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Jerome Gozlan, BE
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My name is Jerome Gozlan.


I was born in Paris in 1976.

At the age of 4, my parents moved to Israel. We lived in Kibbutz Hanita, where my passion for horses began.
At 18, I joined the Army and served for 3 years.
I started out in the professional horse world in Israel as a competitive showjumping and dressage rider.
Back then, I was very interested in the shoeing, and I had a great desire to learn it.
Vasily Tannas, a horse trainer and blacksmith in Israel, who from an early age was an inspiration to me, was the one who taught me with a lot of patience and dedication and professionalism.
The more I learned, the more curious I became and realized that I wanted to develop my professionalism in the field of shoeing. My blacksmith diploma I did in Oklahoma. 
I arrived in Europe to take the dream a few steps forward.
During my first three years in Belgium, I worked under the tutelage of Tim van Tricht who got me involved, allowed me to gain experience and knowledge, and accompanied me on the path to economic independence.
During my first years in Belgium, I met Richard Wijnen with whom I worked in complex and challenging shoeing cases. 
Through Richard, I met Stefan, began to learn his method of working, Implement in the field, and deepen my knowledge more and more. 
Today I shoe sport horses and special orthopedic cases in Europe.

I am very pleased that I have the honor to participate in the WEPA project and be part of the professional team working under Stefan's leadership.

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